Netcontrol is an international company in the energy network automation industry providing solutions for utility communication, distribution automation and substation automation. Their customers range from electricity companies and renewable energy producers to energy intensive industry plants from all over the world. 

At Orbit One we strive towards creating the most efficient production processes possible for our customers. It is important with the right quantity, of the right quality and at the right time.

The assignment for Netcontrol involves handling the entire supply chain, from sourcing, development of efficient production processes, testing and mounting of circuit boards to PCBA and complete system build. We also deliver finished products to Netcontrol and their end-users.

With a large number of various products in the Netcontrol portfolio, the manufacturing processes involve a high degree of adaptation and flexibility. To ensure maximized product life cycles, Orbit One takes care of Netcontrol’s after-market services including product maintenance, repairs, updates and technical documentation.

By using Orbit One throughout the entire supply chain, Netcontrol is able to focus on what matters most – their core business and staying ahead of competition.

"Our wide product range with products that constantly must be developed set very high demands on the product manufacturer. During our five years of co-operation, Orbit One has shown flexibility and ability to solve any kind of challenge – for example it is amazing how quickly they can ramp up production capacity and new services when needed. Quality is the most important issue for us and Orbit One has shown that highest quality is always a key factor in all their operations.”

Hannu Hirvinen
Director Operations, Netcontrol


Key features of the Orbit One services:

  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • Sourcing

  •  Testing

  • PCB assembly and complete system build

  • Service and repair

  • Spare part sales to end customers

  • Field signal control

  • First tier support, BOM, 3d drawings and wire list· 

  • Warehousing

After Sales services for Netcontrol/Radius

Orbit One AB provides service and support for Radius products, see below.

  • Equipment repair
  • Field measurement
  • Deployment & Installation
  • Assembly
  • Sales of spare parts
  • Phone support +46 21 177790 / +46 76 5269009

Radius product examples:

  • NetMan-G
  • NMG210
  • PDR121 / PDR221
  • NMS100
  • NME200
  • CCU / NetMan-FSS