Profoto’s products are used by the best in the industry. Whether it be on a billboard or in a fashion magazine, there’s a good chance that the image you are looking at was created with the help of their lights.

Orbit One has a long history with Profoto – and that is something we like very much. It has given us the opportunity to work closely together and to create a fruitful symbiosis where Orbit One is involved at an early stage of the production process.

A key component in the trust we have built over the years is the ability to be agile and responsive to new requirements. Our rapid prototyping provides important feedback to Profoto and is a prerequisite when introducing new products on the market.

Due to the high expectations that Profoto’s customers have on quality, a well functioning testing system is built in at all stages of the production process to ensure highest quality possible.

At Orbit One our highly skilled employees are the most valuable assets – rest assure they will give you and your products the dedication needed to achieve excellence.


"One of the most important things that Orbit One contributes with is their process engineering expertise. Already in the design phase, Orbit One can contribute with knowledge that makes assembly simple. The professional project management that Orbit One stands for is extremely important, especially in a stage where we go from development to deployment and we quickly want to get products into production.”

Bo Dalenius, Profoto


Key features of the
Orbit One services:


  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • Sourcing

  • Testing

  • PCB assembly and complete system build

  • Direct logistics