We focus on 4 segments


Professional consumer

The professional consumer

The professional consumer is someone that we like to refer to as a person that always expects high quality and performance. At Orbit One we tailor efficient product solutions throughout the value chain to deliver on your customers’ high expectations. Step by step, and fully adapted to your needs. From design, prototype, procuring, manufacture, and testing to logistics and aftermarket services. 

With extensive knowledge and insights, we can respond to sudden market changes and quickly adapt to new conditions. This gives you full flexibility and an optimized manufacturing process that enables your company to stay ahead of competition and to remain profitable.

Through a dedicated prototype line, fast feedback and efficient purchases, we can substantially shorten your products time-to-market. Our logistics solutions reduce your capital tied up and provide efficient inventory management.

Orbit One offers after market services throughout the entire product life cycle. Through our detailed reporting system, you will receive continuous feedback on everything from inventory levels to improvement suggestions.




Challenging the industry

Orbit One is a contract manufacturer that challenges the common way of thinking.

With a long track record of working with some of the world’s leading industry companies, we proud ourselves of always striving towards adding value to our customers’ manufacturing processes. The key to success is to work closely together with product owners to understand their specific needs.

We like to be involved in your product development at an early stage. As a member of your product development team, we ensure that manufacturability and testability are built into the product design and that we minimize the number of design changes. We can also shorten your time-to-market through a dedicated prototype line, fast feedback and efficient purchases.

We are strong believers of long-term solutions with maximized product life cycles and low maintenance costs. With extended product life cycles your profitability and return on invested capital will increase. Orbit One offers services for re-design, component monitoring and product management throughout the entire product life cycle.



High reliability

With high reliability in mind

Whether manufacturing medical, automotive, oil & gas, aerospace or defence applications, safety and low rework levels are essential. With high reliability electronic products there is little or no room for errors. 

At Orbit One we have extensive experience of high demand manufacturing, including documentation, traceability and risk management, all to ensure the highest quality and safety of the products and their users.

Tests are carried out using accepted best practices and in accordance with industry standards, whether it is ISO 13485 for the medical technology or any other certification needed for your specific industry or product.

At Orbit One we are engaged at the very early stages in customer projects to ensure the best solution is delivered. We also put a lot of effort in identifying risks to eliminate errors in the production chain. Our employees are constantly trained to keep up with the latest certification requirements. This ensures that we always keep safety and high reliability in mind.



Managing complex networks

Through close cooperation with global telecommunications companies such as Ericsson and Nokia, Orbit One has gained extensive experience from manufacturing of telecom equipment. This entails managing complex technologies and processes. To stay on top of the industry, one has to stay modern and keep up with the technical evolution. This is what we at Orbit One are good at.

Our Design for Excellence program proactively includes end-user experience in the product development phase. In order to produce efficiently in all phases of the product life cycle, the design phase is critical. We offer a range of professional services in testing strategies, testability analyses, and design of client specific testing systems. If you want to secure and optimize your product further we’ll be happy to carry out a Design Review or an FMEA.

At Orbit One we know the importance of choosing the right components and we go to great lengths to meet your specific requirements. We use advanced test procedures based on RF and EMC and can deliver on high volumes and large serial productions.